AMY's Eco Blend Mulch available in-store and online for pickup or delivery at Asheville Mulch in North Carolina

Soils & Composts

Asheville Mulch Yard has a variety of soils, compost and conditioners. These can help provide your gardens, lawns and beds with nutrients and improve overall soil structure.

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AMY’s Blended Compost

AMY’s Contractor Blend

AMY’s Eco Blend

AMY’s Enriched Topsoil

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Mushroom Compost

Pine Fines

Screened Topsoil

Delivery Information

  • You may order online or contact anyone of our three locations to schedule your delivery. We ask that you allow 72 hours (3 full business days) notice of your desired delivery time.
  • Area for dump must be hard (pavement/packed gravel/cement, no off road), level surface with ample clearance for truck width (12 ft), length (27 ft) and raising the dump bed. Dumping on street regulated by local ordinances. (Please Note: customer is responsible for any and/or all charges or fees due to undeliverable product shipments not meeting the above criteria)
  • Note: Someone must be present (phone contact) on day/time of delivery.
  • Delivery Fee: 0 – 10 miles $49; greater than 10 miles $5 per mile (one way). Drop fee of $25 (separate location) on split loads; approximate yardage on split loads.
  • $150 minimum ($100 material & delivery fee $49) purchase required.
  • Orders requesting more than one type of material may result in product mixing and is the responsibility of the customer placing the order.
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